In Pattaya, Hospital packages are available for medical tourists with some fantastic deals, and medical care includes affordable private hospital rooms along with some of the most modern technology. 

Thailand has been the destination of a lot of Medical Tourism for years. Almoat all Tourist only think of bangkok as having international standard Hospitals but this is quite wrong, Pattaya has some of the best Hospitals and Medical Services in the country. Most tourists and expats favour the private hospitals and clinics in Pattaya because they have a high percentage of English speaking staff. The hospitals in Pattaya have excellent facilities. You can have everything from a basic health check-up to a full range of treatments, and even a major surgery and all at a fraction of the cost of comparable medical services in your country.

Prices at the hospitals in Pattaya are comparatively cheap but medical bills can run very high for patients that have to stay as inpatients for a long time. Should you be unfortunate enough to have an illness or accident and be in the need to be admitted to a hospital in Pattaya in can run into a lot of money for medical costs and inpatient care. It is a good idea to have medical insurance before you leave home.

Patient Awareness

The local International Hospitals employ staff that serves with a smile as well as being trained to a very high international medical standard. 

Training Programs

Most of the International Hospitals employ staff that have been trained to speak many languages and can communicate with the patients directly and efficiently.

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